The weather is getting cooler in Texas, finally! Everywhere you look will become a vast pallet of warm colors, and what better way to include fall in your home than to include the beautiful shades of Fall into your home décor? A favorite season of many home décor enthusiasts, you can find a collection of wonderful fall trends here that will help you get started. Here are a few of our favorite fall decor ideas:


The reigning grand supreme of fall décor for years, pumpkins provide a beautiful range of possibilities for all of your Autumn decorating needs. Whether you paint them, carve them, stack them or hollow them out and use them as planters for your favorite fall flowers, these orange décor classics are the versatile trademark of all things fall. Place a few on your front porch for instant seasonal appeal, or bring them inside and try decoupage for a more modernized, trendy look.

Incorporating Leaves

One of the simplest and most charming long-time trends of fall includes bringing the look and feel of fall inside using nothing more than gorgeous fall foliage. Sprinkling a colorful mix of Autumn leaves on various areas in your home-shelves, tables, etc.-is easy and makes the entire room feel like a walk through a fall wonderland. You can choose to stay natural and grab leaves from your own backyard or purchase faux leaves and reuse them year after year. Leaves are also a great addition to bouquets and centerpieces.

Making an Autumn Wreath

Wreaths have long been a favorite Fall décor go-to, and this year is no exception as they remain an ever-popular trend in seasonal home style. Look for elements like pine cones, Indian corn, or leaves to dress up the front door of your home or simply to create an interesting addition to any interior wall arrangement. You can purchase one from your favorite store, or get creative and start a simple, fun DIY project.

There are many more ways to create a perfect fall theme for your home, but the important thing is that you and your family have fun making the look all your own. From the hundreds of ways to combine natural elements with new trends, it’s no wonder Autumn is everyone’s favorite time to decorate. However, you decide to bring the harvest into your house this season, make it unique, make it trendy, make it yours.

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