As the New Year approaches and you start to think about how healthy living in Bryan can become your reality in the coming year, consider some local options you may not have thought of. Colony Park has several stores dedicated to keeping you healthy all year round. Here are the best ways to practice healthy living in Bryan at Colony Park:

Start Your Journey to Healthy Living in Bryan at Element Dental

Keeping every part of our body in good shape is key to truly living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you and your loved ones are scheduling regular appointments with a dentist by visiting Element Dental at Colony Park. Bad dental hygiene has been linked to many terrible diseases, so make sure to keep you and your family safe with regular dental visits.

Kid to Kid Keeps Them in Style

Kid to Kid is an innovative children’s clothing store that allows you to turn in their gently used clothes for store credit towards new outfits. Stop at Kid to Kid the next time you’re shopping in Bryan to save on outfits for the kids and pass on their old outfits to children who need them for the new year. Keeping healthy means a lot more than eating healthy snacks and getting enough exercise, it also means taking care of our environment and each other.

Healthier Treat Options at Spoons Yogurt

If you and your family love going out for ice cream but hate the calorie count, then make the switch to frozen yogurt and enjoy healthy ingredients at Spoons Yogurt. For healthy snacks, the kids will love, top your Spoons Yogurt with fresh fruit, granola, and many more yummy options.

While you’re out shopping in Bryan for the new year, be sure to stop at Colony Park to check out the unique ways that you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy throughout the year. Want to learn more about healthy living in Bryan? Check out our directory today! 

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