It’s already October and Halloween’s right around the corner! Why not get ahead of the game and start planning your Halloween costumes. Whether you are planning your child’s costume, planning your own costume for an upcoming Halloween party, or have a work event, we have a tonne of great Halloween costume ideas.

Great Halloween Costume Ideas for the Kids

If you’re wanting to have a DIY Homemade Halloween Costume there’s a lot of great and inexpensive costumes that you can make on a budget. For the little guy to look just like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, all you need is some hair wax, some aviator sunglasses, and a button-up parrot print shirt! Or what about the Homemade Strawberry Costume for the baby? That’s as easy as a strawberry onesie and a little green cap or hat for the strawberry leaves!

Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for the Adults

Not sure if you’re a fan of the television show American Horror Story, but there are a zillion great ideas from the TV anthology! There’s a lot of DIY American Horror Story Halloween Costume Ideas that are easy to make and a lot less expensive than many of the store-bought Halloween costumes. You just can’t get any scarier than the creepy characters on American Horror Story. And if you wait until the last minute to choose a costume, there are quite a few last minute costume ideas to get you through in a bind.

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